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On November 15, 2022, the Government issues Decree No. 95/2022/ND-CP defining the functions, tasks, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health is a governmental agency, performing the function of state management:   Medical examination and treatment, functional rehabilitation; medical assessment, forensic examination, and forensic psychiatry; traditional medicine and pharmacy; reproductive health; medical equipment and facilities; pharmacy and cosmetics; food safety; health insurance...

Decree No. 95/2022 changes the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health from 23 units to 21 units.

In particulars, Decree 95 still keeps 16 units performing the function of state management, including:

-       The Health Insurance Department; The Maternal and Child Health Department; The Organization and Personnel Department; The Legal Affairs Department; The International Cooperation Department;

-       The Ministry’s Office; The Ministry Inspectorate.

-       The Administration of Science, Technology, and Training; The General Department of Preventive Medicine; The Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control; The Health Environment Management Agency; The Medical Services Administration; The Traditional Medicine Administration; The Drug Administration of Vietnam; The Vietnam Food Administration.

At the same time, keep the Health Strategy and Policy Institute and the Health and Life newspaper as before. Re-organize a number of units as follows: The General Department of Population is changed to the Department of Population.

Maintain the Communication, Emulation, and Commendation Department. The Medical Equipment and Health Works Department, The Medicine and Pharmacy journal, and The Information Technology Department.  Establish the Department of Infrastructure Organization and Medical Equipment and the Center of National Medical Information.