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ENCOLAWS is a Law Firm, founded by the experienced Lawyers, Engineers and Experts in Intellectual Property and dedicating for the sustainable development and success of the Clients.

Major practice areas of ENCOLAWS are Legal Consultancy, Foreign Investment and Intellectual Property.

With intensive knowledge and extensive experience of Attorneys and Experts in Legal Consultancy, Foreign Investment and Intellectual Property Practice, we strongly believe that ENCOLAWS can be a helpful and efficient partner for your sustainable and successful development.

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On February 23, 2024, the Government issues the Decree NO. 20/2004/ND-CP on amending and supplementing a
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Expressways must have at least four lanes with maximum speed of 120km per hour as well as rest stops and
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You are under no obligation to conduct a prior art search before filing a patent application, and indeed, not all
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1. Competitive edge, market power and earning more
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