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Article Index
Trademark in Cambodia
General information
Filing new trademark application
Procedure and Time frame to get a registration of a straightforward trademark application
Trademark search
The marks which cannot be protected as a trademark in Cambodia
Single-class trademark application
Classification of goods/services in Cambodia
Term of a trademark registration
Affidavit of use or non-use
Change of name and/or address of the proprietor

General information:

Cambodia adopts the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement. Both trademark and service marks are registrable in Cambodia. Each trademark application can be applied for one class of goods/services only.

Formality and substantive examinations shall be conducted for all trademark applications filed in Cambodia. The substantive examination is conducted to identify any prior registered mark which are identical with or similar to the claimed mark. Certificate of Trademark Registration is usually granted within 5-6 months from the filing date of a straightforward application.

Priority right can be claimed in accordance with the Paris Convention.