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Industrial Design
Renewal of Industrial Design patent
Recordal of ID Patent Assignment Agreement
Recordal of ID Patent License Agreement
 Change of the proprietor name/ address
Duplicate of Industrial Design Patent


Information required:

1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;

2. Full name, address and nationality of the designer;

3. Title of the design stating the article for which registration is sought;

4. Class, in which the design is to be registered, according to the Locarno International Classification (if possible);

5. Country, application number and filing date of the original foreign application from which priority is claimed (if priority is claimed).

Documents required :

1. 06 sets of pictures/drawings illustrating the design. The pictures/drawings must not exceed the international size A4 and be made in the same scale. There must be as many pictures/drawings of the design as they are taken to show all the different sides of the design;

2. Brief design description in English showing the distinctive features of the design to be protected;

3. Original POA (notarization is not required), of which a copy is accepted for filing the application but the original one must be submitted within 03 weeks from the filing date.

4. Certified copy of the priority document (in case of applications claiming priority under Paris Convention), which can be submitted within 03 months from the filing date.


1. The validity term of a Design Patent is 05 years from the regular filing date. The Design Patent is effective from the granting date and renewable for two additional consecutive periods of 05 years each (max. 15 years);

2. Different variants of a design can be filed in a single application or separate applications. In the latter case, a statement that the design is one variant of the previously filed design is required. All variants of a design are granted only one Design Patent;

3. Duration from the filing to granting date is 09 months, of which 01 month is for formality examination, 02 months is for publication and 06 months is for substantive examination;

4. Deed of Assignment and the Vietnamese translation of the priority document may be required by the Vietnamese Industrial Design Office in necessary cases.