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Foreign Investment

We advise overseas companies, individuals and trusts on all aspects of doing business in Vietnam including:

1. Investment Policies and Conditions.

2. Document Drafting and Negotiations.

3. Securing Investment License.

4. Post-Licensing Works.

Investment Policies and Conditions

Advise on Vietnam’s policies related to foreign investment in different economic sectors with analyses of its disadvantages and advantages to specific projects of foreign investors.

Advise on possibility to obtain Investment License for specific projects of foreign investors in Vietnam, restrictions and conditions by laws and policies to foreign-invested projects with analyses and possible alterations in order to have the projects approved by Vietnamese Authorities.

Advise on appropriate forms of direct investment available under Vietnamese law for the selection by foreign investors, such as forms of company, joint venture, contracts or forms of indirect investment (such as acquiring shares and equity in the existing Vietnamese companies).

Document Drafting and Negotiations

Advise on procedures and documents required by law, and assist in preparation and drafting of documents for obtaining Investment License; review and advise on documents related to incorporation of company.

Assist/represent foreign investors in the negotiations of the documents and other legal issues of the projects with their partners.

Provide supporting services to the document preparation, such as translations, arrangement for notarization, etc.

Securing Investment License

Represent foreign investors to submit application dossier to and follow up the appraisal process of the application dossier at Vietnamese Authorities.

Assist or represent foreign investors to demonstrate with Vietnamese Authorities on all aspects related to the project in order to obtain the highest possible preferential treatments to the project.

Arrange for obtaining Investment License to the project.

Post-Licensing  Works

Assist and represent foreign investors to prepare documents and complete procedures for obtaining the seal and tax code of company established in Vietnam.

Advise on all legal aspects related to land lease, office lease and assist/represent foreign investors directly before Vietnamese Authorities and land occupiers in respect of land compensation and site clearance for the projects.

Advise on statutory requirements and documents for project construction, and assist in preparation and obtaining construction permit.