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Real Estate & Contruction

We provide legal advice and advocacy services to transactions related to real estate, property, hotels and resorts, and represent clients directly before Vietnamese Authorities and the courts in Vietnam in the transactions. Among our areas of expertise are:

Investment Policies and Conditions

Advise on statutory conditions and policies of Vietnam Government on private investment in real estates, hotels and resorts in Vietnam, and analyse on advantages and restrictions of such policies to private investment;

Review and advise clients on possibility to obtain Investment License for clients’ specific projects in the sector, with suggestions or solutions in order to have projects approved;

Advise on forms of investments for selection by clients.

Legal Advice and Document Drafting

Advise on and assist in preparation and drafting of documents related to project for Investment License; review and advise on project documents provided by clients in line of Vietnamese law;

Advise on all matters related to land transactions of projects, including land master plans, policies on rehabilitation, and method for calculation of compensation for taking land and site clearance; making suggestions, solutions related to land compensation and site clearance;

Advise and assist clients in drafting of contracts and documents related to land lease, including those related to land compensation and site clearance.

Document Negotiations

Assist or represent clients in negotiation of all issues related to projects and land transactions;

Advise clients on proposals from their business partners, including those proposals made by Vietnamese Authorities;

Advise and assist clients in negotiations and arrangements with inhabitants using and owning land lots, including authorities at district and village levels, in respect of land compensations, land use rights and site clearance.

Arrangements and Securing Approvals

Assist or represent clients in making demonstration and arrangement with Vietnamese Authorities on the projects in order to obtain preferential treatments to clients’ projects;

Represent clients to submit and prosecute project application dossier through approvals.