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Finance & Banking

Our lawyers have a wide range of experience and expertise in all areas of banking and finance.  We act for both lenders and borrowers and routinely advice on lending facilities, including.

1. Legal Review and Assessments.

2. Preparation of Documents.

3. Negotiations.

4. Securing Approvals/Registrations.

Legal Review and Assessments

Review and advise on lending transactions with analyses on their legal weakness and risks;

Structure lending transactions with innovative solutions on loan security;

Advise on all legal aspects and practical issues of lending and/or financing transactions, especially regarding syndicated lending;

Release legal opinion on the validity of the transaction under laws of Vietnam.

Preparation of Documents

Assist in drafting of facility contracts and security agreements, security agreements, bid bonds, performance bond and guarantees which are required for the transaction as the case maybe;

Advise on documents of the facility transactions with legal analyses of risks.


Represent clients in negotiation on the transactions, including contracts and documents with third parties, including Vietnamese Authorities;

Review and design innovative legal solutions for implementation of the transactions.

Securing Approvals/Registrations

Represent clients to submit the application dossier of security transactions to Vietnamese Authorities through approvals;

Assist or represent clients in making demonstrations, explanations and arrangements with Vietnamese Authorities.