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Encolaws’ mergers and acquisitions experience has seen us acting for purchasers and vendors, shareholders and boards in relation to acquisitions, divestments and reconstructions. We are experienced in acting for target companies, acquirers and shareholders in various transactions.  We have the technical expertise and pragmatic ability to get the deals done. Among our areas of expertise are:

1. Investment Policy and Approach.

2. Document Drafting.

3. Negotiations.

4. Securing Approvals/Registrations.

5. Due Diligent Reports.

Investment Policy and Approach

Advise on Vietnam’s policies on foreign investment related to corporate mergers and acquisitions;

Advise on transactions, with legal analyses on statutory conditions and possibility in obtaining approval from Vietnamese Authorities of the transactions;

Advise on appropriate approaches and solutions for implementation of the transactions.

Document Drafting

Advise on documents and procedures required for obtaining approval from Vietnamese Authorities of the transactions, and assist clients to draft the documents and complete procedure;

Review and provide legal advice on documents provided by clients related to the transactions with possible legal suggestions or warnings;

Assist clients in preparation and drafting of documents related to the transactions.


Assist or represent clients in the negotiations of documents with clients’ partners;

Assist or represent clients directly before Vietnamese Authorities on the transactions and documents;

Assist, advise in preparation of documents for negotiations, with legal suggestions and warnings from the negotiations.

Securing Approvals/Registrations

Represent clients to submit the application dossier of the transactions to Vietnamese Authorities through approvals;

Assist or represent clients in making demonstrations, explanations and arrangements with Vietnamese Authorities on the transactions and documents, and secure approvals of the transactions, including registrations of ownership rights over acquired, merged assets and rights;

Due Diligent Reports;

Assist clients to conduct due diligent legal study on company, corporate assets to be merged, acquired and provide legal recommendations, suggestions and warnings.