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On September 01, 2020, the Government issues the Decree No. 102/2020/ND-CP on promulgating the Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System.

Accordingly, timber shall be considered high-risk for export to Vietnam if meeting one of the following criteria: Being listed in the Appendices of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; Being in the List of endangered, precious and rare wild animals and plants of Group IA, Group IIA; The List of endangered, precious and rare species being prioritized for protection; Being imported to Vietnam for the first time; Being on the verge of extinction in the logging country or being illegally traded as specified in International treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Additionally, shipments of exported timber of owners not being classified as Group I enterprises shall be subject to verification of timber origin by the local Forest Protection agency.

Verification of origin shall not be required for shipments of timber logged from cultivated forest to non-EU markets. 20% of the timber shipments shall undergo field check by the Forest Protection agency. In cases where there is information of violation, Forestry Protection officers shall report and propose the head of the local Forestry Protection agency to decide over an increase in the degree of field check and an extension in the time duration for field check, the extended time shall not be more than 02 days.

Besides, cases of license revocation include: FLEGT license is voluntarily returned by the timber owner; FLEGT license expires but the timber owner fails to export or fails to apply for the extension of the license; The timber owner commits law violations related to the shipment of exported timber which are detected after being granted with a FLEGT license; The timber owner commits information fraud related to the issued FLEGT license, such as: forging, changing or modifying information on the FLEGT license.

This Decree takes effect on October 30, 2020.